Top 3 restaurants making Ha Thanh cuisine

Hanoi has long been a place where hearts are disturbed, sobbing by old-fashioned but refined, gentle beauty of the scene and people. A round of Hanoi, through the shops and inn, we have enjoyed the old taste of Hanoi through each dish, like back to the subsidized decades ago in the classic cafes.


Hanoi cuisine is always a hot topic attracting domestic and foreign visitors. To experience the cuisine of Hanoi in the restaurant with the ancient flavor , we are like returning to look back to our childhood, to look back to a simple, loyal Vietnam shrunk in a casual restaurant. There are still traditional restaurant with traditional flavors that are still preserved through the Ha Thanh generation, it makes Hanoi's own image , or cafés with space created as back to Hanoi subsidy period. Let us explore the top 3 restaurants make Ha Thanh cuisine.

Quan An Ngon 18 Phan Boi Chau


Quan designed in the context of a rural market , all bring the smallest details of old Hanoi. From the red-tiled roofs with green moss, the dishes were placed on small mats and placed in a litter bamboo basket, to the staffs in the simple old Áo bà ba, Brick tiles are like old-fashioned houses in Hanoi. Quan An Ngon is like a re-imagining of a corner of Ha Noi market with street vendors selling biscuits

The delicacies of the restaurant are just plain food ,familiar to everyone but it is the soul of old Hanoi, which make people eat forever not tired, always remember the flavor of Hanoi Ancient in each dish. From traditional simple Pho , Quan An Ngon Restaurant has based on that recipe to produce variety of different specialty noodles, but they still keep the common flavor of Pho Hanoi . Pho which is always passioned by the customers of Ngon To Ngon Restaurant is always cooked beef noodle soup, beef noodle soup and Chicken Noodle.


People find delicious food 18 Phan Boi Chau to get back to the old memory.

People find delicious food 18 Phan Boi Chau to get back to the old memory.

Along with that Pho is the vermicelli noodles (Bun). The most famous vermicelli noodles in Hanoi is Bun cha, Bun thang, Bun Oc and Bun Dau. At Quan An Ngon Restaurant with Bun, the main ingredient is meat slices, grilled meatballs cooked with rich gold and chanterelle and a tangle of vermicelli, Bun Dau is more simple when the crisps golden sliced tofu is fried, sliced vermicelli sliced is placed on the round tray. Beef noodle is best when eaten with shrimp sauce, but if you can not eat shrimp sauce, you can call fish sauce. In addition to the vermicelli and fried tofu are two main ingredients, you can add another food to accompany your appetizer.

If the Bun Dau and Bun Cha are simple and quick, Bun Thang and Bun Oc make up much of the processing for chef. A bowl of Bun Thang has many ingredients in a bowl of vermicelli. Snail noodle (Bun Oc), although the main ingredient is snail, but the additives are not less. With enough ingredients, a bowl of Bun Oc, Bun Thang will have a perfect taste.

In addition to the main dishes are Pho, Quan An Ngon also has more snacks, appetizers  derived from the old Hanoi people's meals such as tofu, congee with ribs. All Hanoi flavors seem to be encapsulated in a small eatery. Old Hanoi flavors are available in each dish of Quan An Ngon, each dish is a different color of flavor to create a unique Hanoi.

Quan An Ngon Restaurant still maintain its strong position thanks to the standard dishes of old Hanoi flavor that people have tried once is difficult to forget. There are a number of reasons why the Ngon Restaurant is special in the eyes of the guests. Perhaps due to the surrounding landscape, thelayout of the space in the restaurant makes people want to stop. It is also thanks to the craftsmanship , skill of the chefs of the familiar restaurant. They are all derived from the cooking of wildlife in Hanoi long to understand the true flavor of each dish is like.


The traditional dishes of Quan Ngon Restaurant are generally high prices. The vermicelli will cost between 50,000 VND - 60,000 VND, the beef broth with water price is 60,000 VND, some other desserts of Quan are also priced from 20.000 - 40.000 VNĐ. But our grandparents are saying "You get what you pay for" , with prices like this, it is worthy of the flavor of the taste buds of the user, it is worth to spend money to enjoy the taste.

Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su


If you are a gourmet, want to enjoy all traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup, please come to Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

If you are a gourmet, want to enjoy all traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup, please come to Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su


Pho is the essence of Hanoi. Because Pho is very special and rich and Pho is a particular identity of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general, for friends in five Continent, pho has become a private name. Coming to Vietnam, you have to eat Ha Noi pho . Today, in Hanoi, pho restaurants grow a lot. But to find a place to be able to make a bowl of Pho with rich flavor, to satisfy all customers, Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su has become a famous brand , an indispensable dish when it comes to Pho Hanoi.
Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su always takes the recipes of traditional pho soup as the focus. The soup makes a perfect bowl of pho. Each bowl of pho is a heart, meticulous of people cooked it so that Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su always crowded to visit. 


Pho Ly Quoc Su 's chefs choose to use bones to make beef noodle soup.The sweetness of bones is not only very sweet but also good for health. Beef in pho is always the best choice. Coming to fastidious customers also the same taste of Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su . 


 Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su has many other traditional noodles. You can choose the appropriate flavor to feel a famous old Hanoi. With pho. For many customers, only pho here give them the feeling of eating a real bowl of pho in Hanoi. Pho is very special , simple but still the subtle.

With its position in the heart of customers, Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su is increasingly popular. To serve the needs of Pho lovers who want to find the flavor of old Hanoi , Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su opens more facilities. But Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su at No. 10 Ly Quoc Su Street was the first and the only base to assess the most flavor of pho. On average, a bowl of pho Ly Quoc Su is about 50.000VNĐ - 80.000VNĐ if you order more food.

Bun Thang Tu Lun 22 Hang Trong


Vermicelli is a very sophisticated and delicate food of Hanoians.

Vermicelli is a very sophisticated and delicate food of Hanoians.


Bun Thang Tu Lun is located on Hang Trong Street , which is very easy to find. Not as simple as Pho, Bun Thang is a fairly sophisticated dish with many ingredients in a bowl of vermicelli. A bowl of Bun Thang with the right recipe will have enough pork, pork pie, egg, mushroom, Vietnamese coriander, onion and radish. All of them must be sliced and folded on the bowl of vermicelli, overall look very nice.

Bun Thang at Tu Lun restaurant has a clear water, sweet but strong in the right taste, the main ingredients of the noodles are full, is sliced in neatly arranged to make customers satisfied, meat and noodles are a lot. Ingredients of pork rolls and dried radish in the bowl of Bun Thang are crispy which have a very strange flavor. Eat Quay with Bun Thang at the restaurant is very delicious, soft crush without dry or damp. Another plus point for this one is the fast service staff, very understanding of customer satisfaction. Bun thang thang at Tu Lun Restaurant has 3 price is 25.000VNĐ - 30.000VNĐ - 35.000VNĐ depending on the amount of bowl of vermicelli. With a bowl full of voodoo ladder for less than 50.000VNĐ, this is the address for you to try the Bun Thang on the old streets of Hanoi. 


Bun Cha Hang Muc - Dac Kim


 famous Bun Cha Dac Kim in Hang Manh street

 famous Bun Cha Dac Kim in Hang Manh street


Dac Kim Dumpling, which is at 1 Hang Manh Street is an easy-to-find dining address. With 50 years of service, Bun Cha Dac Kim is confident about the quality of its food. Talking about delicious dishes Ha city, Bun Cha is indispensable. If you have chosen to eat bun cha, you have to go to Dac Kim - No.1 Hang Manh to understand what the real bun cha is. Dac Kim has a quite picky recipe to make Bun Cha, not as simple as Bun cha which  is usually seen.

Meat must be the meat that has lean meat and fatty meat and it has to be baked thoroughly to keep the meat from drying out fat but not too much greasy fat. Before being baked, the meat must be marinated. Dac Kim's grilled meat is cooked to medium, crimson, crispy and fragrant. The sauce will decide whether Bun Cha is good or not. The sauce in Dac Kim is processed with the combination of 4 taste: sour - spicy - salty – sweet which is very harmony without being brackish or horizontal. The sauce always has a little bit of papaya. Eating Bun Cha, of course, will have raw vegetables. Raw vegetables are also prepared in all kinds, soaked clean, always fresh vegetables. Bun Cha here ranges from 50.000VNĐ - 60.000VNĐ with a lot of meat and is fully prepared. 


Bun Dau, Phat Loc alley


The famous Phat Loc alley with Bun Dau Mam Tom

The famous Phat Loc alley with Bun Dau Mam Tom


Compared with Pho or some types of Bun above, the Bun Dau is still a bit cheaper, and is also mentioned many times when talking about Hanoi. This eatery from the time of being a street vendor which has no customers to now a "brand" has been drowned for nearly 40 years. Bun Dau here is always processed by the hands of the owner ò this eatery. The most special is the shrimp sauce is processed in the owner’s way by the owner.

People eat Bun Dau often call for more grilled young rice, or entrail to enjoy  better. Trung Huong is always complimented with Vermicelli with shrimp sauce and crispy fried tofu inside still hot, soft, rhyme still retain the smell of fresh sweet and fragrant tofu, shrimp sauce is very tasty with no smell. The entrails is fried very crispy and aromatic, grilled young rice is not cloying. Bun Dau here is from 20.000VNĐ - 50.000VNĐ. The staff and owner are very enthusiastic. Address: 49 Phat Loc, Hoan Kiem District. 

Hanoi has long been famous for its street food. street eateries, though not luxurious, the small old-fashioned ones creates a warm Hanoi, Gentle poetry, an different ancient Hanoi different. At each of the Pho, Bun eateries will be tasted the taste of Hanoi ancient cuisine, gentle as the Hanoi people. The restaurant is famous in the heart of many people because it retains the essence of Hanoi cuisine , the food brought back bit by bit, a taste of old Hanoi makes people remember.