Hanoi cuisine


Where to eat delicious buffet in Hanoi? Address, price, review...

Where to eat delicious buffet in Hanoi? You want to choose a place to eat buffet in Hanoi, but do not know where to eat. So let's refer to some famous, delicious buffet address below.

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Where to eat delicious and cheap sushi in Hanoi? The most specific rating

Where to eat delicious and cheap sushi in Hanoi? Below is a list of delicious, famous and attractive sushi restaurants in Hanoi that you should not miss.

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Where to eat delicious Bun Rieu Cua in Hanoi? Address & Rating

Where to eat delicious Bun Rieu Cua in Hanoi? If you are the "fan" of this famous vermicelli dish, you cannot miss the best noodle eateries in Hanoi below.

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The address of the rolls cake restaurants Hanoi which is super delicious and very famous

Rolls Cake are the familiar breakfast of Ha Thanh people, this is also the favorite food for many visitors to Hanoi. Where to eat delicious rolls cake? The address of delicious rolls cake restaurants in Hanoi. Follow the article below to choose your destination to enjoy delicious cake.

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Tips: Good snail eateries in Hanoi - Address, price, review

Snail has become a favorite snack of many people, especially on cold weather days. If you have not chosen the ideal address to enjoy this dish, please refer to suggestions about the good and cheap Hanoi snail eateries below.

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Spicy noodle eateries are causing fever in Hanoi

7 levels spicy noodles 7 levels so far have not shown signs of cooling. If you are in Hanoi, you will want to find the address below to enjoy.

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Delicious hot “Che” for Hanoi winter

Winter in Hanoi will be warmer if you enjoy delicious hot “Che”, the features of Hanoi such as “Che San”, “Che Troi Nuoc”....

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Check-in the best and crowded Bun Thang eateries in Hanoi

Bun thang is the famous dish of Ha Thanh people for many generations. Hanoi tourism cannot ignore this dish. So do you know where to eat delicious Bun thang? Let's take a look at the best Bun Thang eateries in Hanoi below.

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Check-in-delicious-cheap-and-crowded-hot-pot restaurants in Hanoi at the present

Check-in delicious, cheap and crowded hot pot restaurants in Hanoi at the present

“Hello moms! This afternoon some friends in the same room in the students time and I will meet each other (about 5 people) to review the memory. I am responsible for exhorting, find a good cheap hot pot restaurant in Hanoi today, but not found. Do any moms know where to tell me? Thank you Mom!" (Duong Oanh - Cau Giay, Hanoi)

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Cheap and crowded Japanese restaurant in Hanoi, with prices

In Hanoi there are many delicious Japanese restaurants. Below is a list of famous Japanese eateries in Hanoi, which attract visitors with their information about address and price.

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BBQ-restaurants-in-Hanoi- What-restaurants-are-the-best-to-eat-BBQ

BBQ restaurants in Hanoi. What restaurants are the best to eat BBQ

Are you looking for a place to enjoy BBQ party with friends and relatives? So let's refer to suggestions about delicious, luxury BBQ restaurant in Hanoi which are very famous and attract visitors today below.

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Addresses of the delicious Pizza restaurants in Hanoi, what is the best place to eat

It is not difficult to choose a Pizza restaurant in Hanoi. However, not everyone knows the restaurant that is delicious and has reasonable price with good service. If you still do not know where to eat delicious Pizza, please refer to the addresses of the delicious Pizza restaurants in Hanoi, famous & attractive below.

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Address to eat 7-level spicy noodles in Hanoi, having price and review

7-level spicy noodles are "making the rain and the wind" on the market today. So far, there is no sign of cooling. Are you looking for yourself a 7-level spicy noodles address in Hanoi to enjoy this dish? So please refer to the suggestions below.

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8 Breakfast dishes of Hanoi people

Hanoi cuisine is the crystallization of the most essence of the cuisine of the country. If you have already arrived in the capital but you still haven’t enjoyed the 8 breakfast dishes below, it can be said you still don’t know much about the cuisine of Ha Thanh.

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7 dishes dispel summer heat in Hanoi

Every summer comes back to Hanoi, we can’t overlook cool dishes to cool the heat of summer. Let’s list the summer dishes which are delicious and cool, are the right taste of Hanoi which is favorite by youth!

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