Discover Ta Hien - “unsleeping” street in the heart of Hanoi

Every Hanoi food lovers knows the famous Ta Hien "beer paradise" located in the Old Quarter near Hoan Kiem Lake. This street has long been a gathering place for many visitors when visiting Hanoi.
Ta Hien - night city in the heart of Hanoi  
Every day at the time people go down the street in the capital, Ta Hien  Street begins to welcome customers . Customers of this "beer street" are diverse in age and nationality, it means they include Indigenous peoples and foreign visitors, students and employees. Especially at night, Ta Hien is always loud with bursting laugh, shouting, bustling singing. 
At Ta Hien , people can not find luxury brasseries, but simply the sidewalk restaurant, customers sit in front of the house, on a plastic chairs, with a table put cool glasses of beer.
Ta Hien, which was dubbed the "international crossroads"
Ta Hien, which was dubbed the "international crossroads"
Ha Noi people and many foreign tourists prefer to visit Ta Tieu beer street because the atmosphere here is comfortable and the price is also very popular. Although people often encounter an animating Ta Hien at night, but also there is time Ta Hien is  simple, quiet, nostalgic like the other streets in this old Quater. In the early morning ỏ when the sun is not set yet, Ta Hien is strangely quiet. Therefore, Ta Hien is like a man with two personalities in one day.
 The only thing Ta Hien has
Not only beer, Ta Hien also has lemon tea, iced tea, coffee ... but beer is still the best drink with large customers of the street. Not only Vietnamese, but also many foreign visitors go to Ta Hien to enjoy pavement beer. This is also the reason why this neighborhood is suddenly named as the "West Street" of Hanoi. 
Ta Hien is the neighborhood of the Hanoi youth to eat at night with a variety of delicious food famous
Ta Hien is the neighborhood of the Hanoi youth to eat at night with a variety of delicious food famous
To distinguish Ta Ta street with other gastronomic streets of Ha Thanh, it can be said that Ta Hien currently has a very different space. 
Each group of friends sit and talk to each other, sometimes taking a sip of beer, smiling happily, feeling like a long day tired disappeared. The street performances here are performed throughout the evening and range from traditional folk music to young love songs, or spectacular instrumental performances that capture every look. 
The simple also has the unique features, the red lanterns connected between two rows of houses, the old yellow houses are close to each other make visitors impressed, unforgettable 

And other things can not be missed on Ta Hien Street

The ancient town of Ta Hien is famous for its French colonial houses

The ancient town of Ta Hien is famous for its French colonial houses

• Of course, drinking beer must be have some food. The cuisine of this "sleepless street" is also varying. Ta Hien food is simple, ordinary, not too fussy, but when it is enjoyed with beer, it creates a sense of great pleasure. 
The dishes which are often dined with the beer is barbecue, especially Ta Hien has many favorite dish like roasted quail eggs, Thanh fermented pork roll, a plate of chicken legs with chilli and citronella, chips, cheese stick which are fried gold, fragrant and many other great food that you can spoiled for choice when visiting this place. 
The drinks, food on Ta Hien street are not too expensive, and the space is very comfortable. Therefore, many people come here to relax, together sip the aromatic dishes. 
That is Ta Hien – sometimes it is the most exciting street in the capital, but sometimes it is strangely quiet. Ta Hien lovers are not only here because the beer here is delicious. Sometimes they come here just because they are  accustomed to a warm, cozy space that only Ta Ta has.