Hanoi attractions


Where should we go near Hanoi on 3 days of Lunar New Year?

Where should we go near Hanoi on 3 days of Lunar New Year? Tam Dao, Moc Chau, Sapa, Ninh Binh and Ban Gioc Waterfall (Cao Bang), Ha Long ... are ideal locations near Hanoi suitable for your family on Tet holiday.

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Viet Phu Thanh Chuong Travel Experience: Travel and fare

I heard that Viet Phu Thanh Chuong is very beautiful, designed in the model of ancient houses in the North. This weekend, a group of friends and I plan to visit this place, can anyone who have go here can tell me some experience about good things, transportation, fare... when traveling to Viet Phuc Thanh Chuong. Thank you! "(Huynh Anh, Hanoi)

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Van Phuc silk - timeless beauty

Van Phuc silk Village or Ha Dong Silk is a famous village with thousands of years of development in Hanoi. Van Phuc silk is no longer a mere commodity, silk at here has become the culture, beauty of Ha Dong, Hanoi people.

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Unique features of famous Hanoi Tet market

With relatives, friends roam the Tet market to discover the unique culture and selection of special items. Below are the famous Hanoi Tet market you can refer to your spring trip.

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Top 3 parks in Hanoi

Hanoi is a city that is urbanizing with high rise building, but there are many green parks which is bringing fresh air, airy space suitable for the weekend picnic for the whole family.

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See Hanoi through the years on bridges

Hanoi over 1,000 years of history has made amazing changes. And the bridges are the most visible and vivid mark of a Hanoi that is both modern and golden. Long Bien Bridge is alive with the history of Hanoi

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Romantic place to go out in Hanoi on 8/3

Where should we go out in Hanoi on 8/3 ? You have a lot of different options for places, depending on your preference:

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Lunar New Year Where is interesting, most attractive to promenade near Hanoi?

Lunar New Year is a time when Vietnam welcomes the New Year with a long holiday for the whole family to gather together. After intimate feasts and New Year's greetings at relatives, friends's homes, you will certainly be interested in going out on New Year's Eve. To help you who have many choices for yourselves in Hanoi, dulich9 please share the tourist attractions near Hanoi where you should go to in Lunar New Year!

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Early spring wishes at 9 sacred temples in Hanoi

The early pagoda ceremony is one of the familiar beliefs of the Vietnamese people, to pray for luck, fortune. Below, is the suggestion of the most sacred pagoda bridge where you can wish in Lunar New Year in Hanoi that you can refer.

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Discover Ta Hien - “unsleeping” street in the heart of Hanoi

Every Hanoi food lovers knows the famous Ta Hien "beer paradise" located in the Old Quarter near Hoan Kiem Lake. This street has long been a gathering place for many visitors when visiting Hanoi.

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April on the romantic season in Hanoi

Hanoi is an ideal tourist destination that never stops hot because all year round, people can find interesting things in this land. April in Hanoi is clearly clear and it will be the romantic moment of the season which is stirring around the streets of the capital. This is definitely the time of visit cannot be ignored for those who Love Hanoi

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10 famous restaurants have over 10 years of experience in Hanoi

Cuisine is the pride of every Hanoian. Go to this land you cannot ignore the perennial restaurant has become famous for good food, even though many years. Here is the list of 10 famous restaurants with over 10 years of experience in Hanoi you should come to taste once in a lifetime.

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